You will be issued a Marching Band Uniform for the
2023-2024 school year.
See the Band Jackets page for additional information on this optional
uniform addition.

Please take proper care of your uniform and wear it with pride!
Please contact the Uniform Chair Karina Kowalczyk as listed on the Committees Page with questions. 
1) Uniforms should be dry cleaned before Marching Band Season. 
Martinizing Dry Cleaners – Canonsburg in Canonsburg is recommended.
2) Collars should be washed by hand with soapy water after performances.
3) Do not use bleach!!

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Marching Band Links:

Uniform  Parts
Uniform  Care
Dress Code
Memorial Day Uniform Collection
Attire Regulations

Uniforms for returning members have been issued and are expected to be cleaned for the 4th of July Parade.  Any returning band member who needs uniform changes will be handled throughout the week.

If you ordered shoes, these will be distributed upon receipt of payment ($45 – check made payable to BMBB).

 Uniform distribution for all band and auxiliary members will be done at band camp June 29 – July 3, 2023.

All uniform distributions will occur in the band dungeon. Please follow the signs.

Students will be fitted when the uniform committee is available to assist them.

The following is a list of prices for the items. Checks are to be made payable to BMBB.

Dinkles (Band shoes): $45
Auxiliary boots: $45

Garment bag – The cost for the Garment Bags will be $15 and these will be available at band camp.

Uniform Shirt: The cost is $10/shirt.

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Uniform parts issued to members:

  • Hat
  • Hat box
  • Jacket (Vest)
  • Jumpsuit (Skirt)
  • Wooden Hanger
  • Emergency Raincoat
  • Rain Parka (kept at the school – only issued prior to an event when needed and collected upon return to the school)

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It is your responsibility to keep your entire uniform clean and performance ready!

  • Each piece has a number. That number is assigned to you.
  • Do not user markers, tape, or labels to put your name in the uniform.
  • Do not alter your uniform in any way.
  • This will be done by the uniform committee only.
  • After EACH performance, HANG UP the uniform properly.
  • If your uniform gets wet (i.e. rain or perspiration), hang the parts separately on wooden hangers and allow the uniform to dry completely.
  • DO NOT use wire hangers!
  • DO NOT place a wet uniform or hat in the garment bag or hat box… they will mildew!
  • Treat stains immediately, generally with a sponge and cold water.
  • Please wash the coat collar insert regularly. It snaps into the collar and is easily removed for washing.
  • Report any damage as soon as it happens. You will be financially responsible for any EXTENSIVE damage to the uniform.*
  • You will be financially responsible for any lost uniform pieces*
  • General cleaning of the uniforms will be handled by the
  • Canon McMillan school district at certain dates during the year.
  • It is your responsibility to turn in your uniform at the designated times. If your uniform needs dry cleaned before the boosters’ annual cleaning, you are responsible for doing this. Contact Mr. Falvo or a uniform chairperson for specifics.

*Replacement cost for the band jacket, jump suit, hat, auxiliary vest, and
skirt will be assessed at the current cost from the manufacturer
(DeMoulin). Replacement costs for the hat box is $25.00.

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The following are the core dress code rules:

  • Always wear shorts with an elastic or drawstring waist (basketball or
    similar type) under the uniform jumpsuit.
  • NO jeans or bulky pants/shorts are permitted.
  • Always wear your uniform shirt under your uniform.
  • In colder weather, an additional long sleeve shirt (WHITE ONLY) may be worn under the uniform shirt.
  • Wear crew length black socks only.
  • NO ankle high or no show socks are permitted.
  • Make sure that shoes are cleaned before each performance with a
    damp cloth.
  • All hair must be under the hat. For longer hair, ponytails should be high on the head. 
  • Use hair ties and bobbypins (same color as hair) as necessary.
  • NO visible jewelry
  • NO colored nailpolish
  • DO NOT apply hairspray unless the uniform is covered.  Hairspray will damage the uniform.

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The following students MUST turn in the ENTIRE uniform after the Memorial Day Parade:

  • SENIOR BAND AND AUXILIARY: turn in entire uniform: jacket (vest), jumpsuit (skirt), hat, hat box, and rain coat.
  • BAND MEMBERS who are changing to AUXILIARIES must turn in entire uniform: jacket, jumpsuit, hat, and hat box.
  • AUXILIARIES who are changing to BAND turn in: vest and skirt. 
  • Drum Major/Field Conductors must turn in entire uniform:  jacket, jumpsuit, hat, hat box, and rain coat.
  • STUDENTS NOT returning to the Big Mac Band next year must turn
    in their entire uniform.

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Students may purchase varsity band jackets. This is the only  jacket, other than the issued uniforms and rain parkas, that may be worn in the stands.  There will be a fitting for jackets during the band camp practices.   
Click Here for Jacket Overview

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Concert / Symphonic Band / Jazz Band
All members of the Big Mac Band Concert / Symphonic band / Jazz band are to wear the following attire for performances.  Cummerbunds and bowties are $10 for the set and the students are responsible for bringing them to the concert.

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Black dress slacks Black dress slacks
Plain black crew socks Black nylon or plain black
crew socks
Black dress shoesBlack dress shoes, closed toe
White long sleeve, button
front, collared dress shirt
tucked into pants
White long sleeve, button
front, collared dress shirt
tucked into pants
Longer hair is to be pulled
back with a black
hair tie
Longer hair is to be pulled
back with a black
hair tie
  • NO jeans, capris,  shiny or glittery materials.  Plain black pants ONLY
  • NO colored socks.  BLACK socks only.
  •  NO open toed shoes, flip flops, dress sandals, athletic shoes, or slippers.
  • NO collarless, polo, zippered, sleeveless, short sleeved, ¾ sleeve, cap sleeve, camisoles, lacy, sequined, shiny, patterned, see thru, glittery, peasant, t-shirt, or shirt that can’t be buttoned at the neck