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Band is a graded class. It is mandatory for students to attend every
activity on the band calendar.

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Director’s Note
Chaperones Info
Student Pick Up Policy
Medical Information

A Note from the Director:

I can’t believe another year is over and we are starting new again. As always, we will be loaded with talented students again this year. The band will also be taking on the challenge of performing in area band festivals. Best wishes to our graduating seniors and a warm welcome to our new members.  I hope to see everyone get involved. See you soon.

It’s going to be a great year.
Mr. Mark Falvo,
Band Director

Chaperone Information

Greetings Parents/Guardians of the Big Mac Band! My name is Ms. Hickman and I am the band staff member that is in charge of all things chaperone related. If you are interested in chaperoning the band (and working on the equipment crew) in any capacity, there are a few guidelines you must follow.
You must:
1) Be a member of the Big Mac Band Booster organization
2) Have the appropriate clearances on file with the high school office
3) PA Child Abuse Clearance
4) PA Criminal History Check
5) FBI Criminal History Report – OR – Volunteer Affidavit
PA Child Welfare Act 31 Mandated Reporter Training Certificate
6) Have submitted the Chaperone Intent form


All four of these clearances must be less than 60 months old and on file with  Rachel Beppler at the Canon-McMillan School District Central Office.
These are due by Wednesday, August 10, 2022. If you submitted copies last year, please double-check the dates on your clearances to make sure they are still valid. Please do not turn these clearances in to any band staff member or booster officer.
We cannot accept them.
Please submit to the Central Office located at:
One North Jefferson Avenue, Canonsburg, PA.

Clearance Links:

Use the links below to apply for clearances so you can chaperone.
1. Act 151 Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearance
2. Act 34 Pennsylvania Criminal History Check
3. Act 114 FBI Criminal History Report (which includes fingerprinting):
If you’ve lived outside the Commonwealth of PA in the last 10 years (Service Code 1KG6XN)

3. NOTARIZED Volunteer Affidavit: If you’ve been a continuous resident of PA for the past 10 years.
4. ACT 31 PA Child Welfare Training Certificate with Registration

In accordance with Canon-McMillan School District Board Policy 910.1,
all “direct contact” volunteers “shall attend orientation and training sessions, as appropriate to the nature of their volunteer service.” To meet this requirement, the District directs all new volunteers to complete the 3 hour, online Act 31 training offered by the University of Pittsburgh and the PA Child Welfare Resource Center.
Registration is required to access this video. Once completed, the training portal will grant a certificate of completion which must be printed and presented to  Rachel Beppler at Central Office.

Any chaperone participating in an overnight trip, will also need to have a recent TB test with results to turn in with your clearances.

Chaperone Availability

This online form is due by Wednesday, August 9, 2023.
Late submissions will not be accepted.

2023 Big Mac Band Chaperone Sign-Up Form Online Submission

Big Mac Band Booster Membership

All chaperones must be paid members of the Big Mac Band Booster organization.

What our chaperones are asked to do?

Big Mac Band Chaperone Guidelines A chaperone schedule for the entire Marching Band season has been provided to selected chaperones.
Chaperones are required to follow the guidelines as linked above.
If there are any questions about chaperoning the band, please
send them to Ms. Hickman,

Thank you in advance to the chaperones for your time and efforts in keeping our band students safe while we are representing our school for a performance.

Student Pick Up Policy

For events located within the Canon McMillan school district, student may choose to ride the bus back to school or be picked up by a parent or guardian.
For events located outside of the Canon McMillan school district, students are expected to ride the bus back to the school. If a parent or guardian has a need to pick a student up after an event, a handwritten note stating your intentions to pick up your child must be submitted to Mr. Falvo 24 hours in advance of the event.
Notes must include your child’s bus number.

At the end of the event, both student and parent must check in with Ms. Hickman in person at the bus. No text messages or phone messages will be accepted.

Medical Information

The health and safety of our band students is a priority for the directors and the band boosters.  There is a medical professional that attends each of the band activities such as football games, band festivals, and trips.
We carry with us over-the-counter medications, personal hygiene products, and emergency medical supplies. Students are only permitted to carry medications approved by the district such as an inhaler and epipen.  They are not permitted to have Tylenol, Motrin, or any other over-the-counter medication –  even cough drops are not allowed.
In the event that the student becomes ill or injured during a band activity the parent/guardian will be notified.  We will obtain permission to administer any available over the counter medication.  If you have a child that with special health concerns or would like to talk to the nurse/doctor please call or speak to them at a booster meeting.

Please make sure that you fill out the Student Medical Information Form, so that we have the most up-to-date information and will be able to treat your child in the event of a medical situation.