Please read this carefully!!!

As you know, the school has set up times for you to come to school and clean out your lockers and retrieve materials.  Each student may sign up for a 20 minute time slot to come to school and complete these tasks.

Seniors - May 29

Juniors - June 1st

Sophomores - June 2nd

Freshmen - June 3rd

If you are a senior, OR not returning to band next year OR need to pick up an instrument or materials from the band room.........YOU MUST DO IT AT YOUR ASSIGNED TIME!!!!!!!

I will be calling all seniors and non-returning members today (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday).  Please be ready to give me your time slot and we will make sure that someone is there.  If you don't hear from me by Wednesday afternoon, please send both of us an email with your time slot.    falvom@cmsd.k12.pa.us  AND schradere@cmsd.k12.pa.us

You will put all returned uniforms and instruments in the White Band Trailer.


Returning Band members are to keep their uniforms and instruments!!

Returning band members coming in to get instruments/materials from the bandroom must email Mr. Falvo AND Mr. Schrader with your time slot this week!!!    falvom@cmsd.k12.pa.us  AND schradere@cmsd.k12.pa.us

There will be a sign on the outside band doors with instructions if you need to pick up your instrument.  Your instrument will be placed outside for you to retrieve.

We must know in advance when you are coming!!!!!!!

No student/parent will be allowed to enter the band room!


Please follow these instructions and guidelines!  Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Mr. Falvo and Mr. Schrader


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